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Aviation Software

  • Acuitive Solutions, LLC - Offers an airfreight management application for shippers.
  • Aero Tec Software Solutions, Inc - Provides aircraft and crew scheduling and tracking software.
  • Aerocater - Offers in-flight catering software solutions to airlines and airline caterers.
  • Aeronautical Radio, Inc., - Real-time WebASD graphical flight tracking and WebAirport airport conditions.
  • Aeronautical Software Lab Thailand - Applications for the general aviation markets that includes GPS-based moving map systems.
  • Aerotran Charter Quoting Software - Software to prepare accurate, faxable, air charter quotes and pilot trip sheets. Download free trial.
  • Air Transport Systems Solutions - Software applications and solutions for the air transport industry.
  • Airline Software Inc. - A suite of enterprise-wide packages for customer service, cost control, revenue assurance, and management information
  • ASP Canada - Offers software for small to medium sized airlines (scheduled or non-scheduled), and other travel related organizations. Lists services, customers and staff.
  • Aviation Database - Provides an integrated database containing a variety of aviation related data, accessible from a web query tool.
  • Aviation Software Development Consultancy India Ltd. - Provides airline passenger check-in software package and consulting services. [Loads slowly.]
  • Aviation Solutions - Suppliers of revenue accounting and reservation system software.
  • Aviation Trip Planner - Electronic guide to airports and FBOs for all of North America. Resides in your Palm Pilot, or other PDA. Free download.
  • Avsoft - Produces aviation market information systems and safety management software. Product list and newsletter.
  • Business Aviation Software Engine - Provides an application software system that supports the business operations of a general aviation company.
  • Canadian Data Software - Air Traffic Control simulator for training on radar and procedural environment, for enroute or approach control.
  • Cargo Data Management Corporation - Develops and markets integrated air cargo revenue accounting, tracking, and ground handling systems.
  • Cefa Aviation - Provides specialised in flight data analysis software development and flight reconstruction.
  • Conducive Technology Corp. - Creator of a hosted software application that provides information for making and monitoring airfreight routing decisions including flight schedules and notification services. Company, product and technology details.
  • Cosys, LLC - Provides fleet management, maintenance tracking and configuration management software.
  • eFlightSchedule - Provides online flight scheduling system for flight schools, flying clubs, partnerships, and FBOs. Describes features, and pricing, includes demos.
  • Flight Data Management Inc. - Provides airline applications for commercial, charter and cargo airlines. Describes product and consulting services.
  • Flight Dimensions International - Flight Explorer product line is a flight tracking and monitoring system. It is a PC-based, real-time, graphical aircraft situation display and management tool.
  • FltPlan.com - Free site for general aviation flight planning, weather, enroute charts, flight tracking and airport database.
  • Flugplaner.Net - Online flight reservation system for flight schools, charters and instructors.
  • flyAerosim - Provides training tools for airline, military, business jet and general aviation operators. Describes products and services.
  • FlyteComm, Inc. - Provides intelligent travel information and services designed to meet the needs of aviation, corporate travel, transportation and wireless markets.
  • Flyware - Provides on- and off-line weight and balance calculators for commercial aircraft.
  • General Dimensions Corporation - Aircraft operations schedule planning and development software for airlines up to 300 planes.
  • Geneva - Produce helps schedule and manage crew and aircraft resources. Includes client list, case studies, and company news.
  • Global Aviation Business Intelligence - Providing searchable databases for the air transport industry. Including statistical trends and comparisons of passenger and freight traffic volumes for leading international airlines and airports.
  • IBS Software Services - Offshore software development and support services company, providing solutions to the travel, transportation and logistics industry.
  • ICT Solutions - Develops airline operations and maintenance software.
  • Iris 2000 Ltd. - Provides resource planning and asset management software.
  • Jetnet - A subscription based package that provides data on worldwide business aircraft.
  • Logbook Suite - Pocket PC logbook program designed for airline pilots.
  • Lookup Aviation Software - Develops and sells aviation software for pilots, including navigation tools and logbooks.
  • MyFBO.com - Provides an online scheduling system for flight schools, flying clubs, and fixed base operators.
  • NC Flying - Software and technology consulting services for the aviation industry. Focusing on FBO's, airport, flying clubs and aviation related businesses.
  • Nexon Solutions GmbH - Provides an online aircraft reservation system for general aviation operators and flying clubs. Includes both web and mobile phone access. [Available in English, German and French.]
  • Nimble Feet - Producing pilot's logbook software for the Palm PDA.
  • Pregem Computing Ltd - Provides image-enabled airline revenue accounting solutions for small to mid-size carriers.
  • Production Software - Provide aviation and educational software and services. Specializing on using handheld, wireless and Palm OS technologies.
  • Red One Aviation - Program for online flight tracking, real time and historical data.
  • RTW Air Services - Free online application allows the printing of scannable barcode labels for air cargo consignments.
  • S2 Logic - Web based software for FBOs, air charter operators, air ambulances, flight schools, flight line, concierge services and reservations.
  • SBS International, Inc. - Provides personnel planning, scheduling, and management systems.
  • SimAuthor, Inc. - Providing flight data visualization tools.
  • SkyScheduler.com - Provides online scheduling, maintenance tracking, dispatching, accounting, and related functions.
  • SPEC2000 - A comprehensive set of e-business specifications, products and services designed to overcome airline industry supply chain challenges.
  • Starling Aviation Services - An application that generates quotes, itineraries, and invoices for charter flights.
  • StolenTomato Technologies - Offers airline software and reservation development to website design. Details of software. Includes a customer list.
  • Stransim Aeronautics - Manufacturers of a flight data visualization tool, an aircraft modeller, and a glider competition data analyser.
  • Travsys Software Solutions - Specialized in data communication and passenger handling applications for the airline industry. Details of products, services, news and product specifications (downloads).
  • University of South Carolina - Integrated management tool designed to assist aviation departments in daily facility operations.
  • Wings Automoted Reservation System - Internet based aircraft scheduling system.