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Aviation Education and Training

  • ABPep - Provides training courses for airline management in order to enhance service delivery standards and impact profitability. Details of courses and referrals.
  • AGS-Airline Ground Schools - Ground school for aircraft dispatchers, airline transport pilot, CFI, FE, and Cockpit Resource Management.
  • Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center Inc. - Provides training for the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License certification. Details of course detail, dates and school history. Includes information on accommodation, staff and employment. Caters for international students.
  • Alpha Aviation Missionary Outreach Center - Missionary training and support center for pilot and aviation mechanic training and certification.
  • Arab Air Carriers Organization Regional Training Center - A pan-Arab, non-profit organization, offers specialized, non-technical training to supplement the existing training facilities of the Arab aviation industry.
  • Arizona Flight Training Workgroup - Organization formed to address flying safety concerns in Arizona. Meeting details, membership and decisions.
  • Aviation Courses - Provides flight attendant and cabin crew training courses, including aviation safety and security training, personal skills training and flight simulator training.
  • Aviation Crime Prevention Institute, Inc. - Elimination of aviation related crime through education of the aviation industry and communication of information and security procedures.
  • Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, a group of schools preparing students for aviation airframe and powerplant maintenance licensing.
  • Aviation Schools Online - Offers prospective pilots and technicians a directory of FAA approved flight schools, aviation maintenance technician schools, and helicopter training schools.
  • Aviation Seminars and FAA Certification Engineering - Aviation engineering services company providing seminars, FAA DER engineering, project management and technical business planning.
  • Aviation Training International Limited - Training the British Army in the use of the Apache AH 1 Attack Helicopter.
  • Bristow Helicopters - Training - Flight, engineering, human factors and search and rescue training on the company's helicopters.
  • Bureau of Dangerous Goods, Ltd. - Specialize in training and software for the safe handling and transportation of dangerous goods by air.
  • The CFI - Site providing links and resources for flying instructors.
  • Corporate Flight Attendant Training - Provides a training program for corporate flight attendants. Dates, syllabus and testimonials.
  • English for Aviation - Language training for pilots and mechanics who need to improve their knowledge of aviation English.
  • FAA Academy Homepage - A tour of the FAA Academy's organization and campus for airway facilities, air traffic, regulatory standards, airports and logistics, aviation security, international and distance learning programs.
  • Flight Control Academy - FAA approved aircraft dispatcher certification school.
  • Flight Dispatch Careers, Inc. - Offers flight dispatch certification and ICAO training. Information on course dates, FAA requirements and career opportunities. [Opens in pop-up windoes.]
  • Flightstudy Ltd - Provides courses in flight dispatch, flight operations, airline orientation and ramp dispatch and other aviation programs. Course detail, dates and duration.
  • Global Air Training Ltd - Initial and recurrent training of pilots and cabin crew including CRM, safety and emergency procedures, survival and aviation, aviation security, and first aid.
  • Global Radio Support LLC - Provides consulting on avionics maintenance support, specializing in maintenance training on commercial and military, communication and navigation equipment. Details of training field and support services.
  • Highland Aerosystems Limited - Specializing in the training of helicopter aircrew in the use of Night Vision Goggles.
  • IAC Training - Providing FAA mandated cargo security training to the Indirect Air Carrier industry.
  • ICare - Flight training center for pilot, flight attendants and aircraft ground engineers. Details of courses, accommodation and customers.
  • Inflight Institute - Offering students who wish to become flight attendants / Cabin Crew an online training recourse. Services are also provided directly to airlines.
  • InFlight Review, Inc. - Offers selection of flight training cd-roms for King and Piper aircraft.
  • Integrated Team Solutions - Providing complete CRM training solutions.
  • Interlace Inc. - A not-for-profit organization focused to provide training and support for the aviation missionary pilot and mechanic.
  • Inustitut Aeronautique et Spatial - The French Aerospace Industry Cooperation Agency for International Education. Aeronautics education and scientific training for officers joining the French Flight Test Academy. Bilingual site.
  • JAR-66-Training - Offers information on JAR-66 license training for UK aircraft mechanics, technicians, and engineers. Includes discussion board. [German, French and English languages.]
  • King Schools Inc - Aviation instructional videos, FAA Knowledge Test preparation software.
  • Licence by Post - Distance learning programmes for the UK Civil Aviation Authority Licence without type ratings for aircraft engineers, both BCAR and European JAR. Provides details of courses available and personal details of tutors. Online facility for ordering materials.
  • LMQ Ltd - Design and deliver CRM courses, instructional techniques and facilitator courses. Profiles of people, details of services and techniques.
  • Pegasus Airport Services Ltd - Provides customer-oriented, quality, airside operations training. Based in the United Kingdom.
  • Pro Aviation Safety Training - Provides safety training including helicopter/aircraft ditching, underwater egress and sea survival courses. Details of courses, background information and tuition schedule.
  • Savi Approach - Offers proven procedures providing heads up display advantages; increased safety; and improved pilot skills (both instrument and visual).
  • Sheffield School of Aeronautics - Aircraft dispatcher training from this school in Florida.
  • SheffieldWest Airline Dispatcher Certification School - Regional jet airline dispatcher school jointly operated by Sheffield School of Aeronautics and SkyWest airlines.
  • SimuFlite Training International - Business jet specific pilot and engineer training.
  • Specialized Aviation Services - Education and training of aviation professionals in the areas of aircraft vibration management and balancing. Services offer complete and detailed solutions for any aircraft vibration or balancing concerns.
  • Survival Systems Training Inc. - Specializing in aviation and marine safety and survival training. Courses offered, contact form, links to other companies and equipment vendors.
  • Take Flight Video Productions - Makes demonstrative vidoes of aircraft for pilots.
  • Trainandfly.com - Online interactive, aircraft specific training courses for flight attendants or cabin crew members. Provides a demonstration and application form.
  • Transportation Guidance Systems - Training courses for airport lighting professionals. Technical information, at-home course, client listing, and contact details.
  • @Vision - Aviation Learning Services - Provides e-learning solutions for the aviation industry. Develops aviation learning courses for de-icing, ramp safety, fueling and dangerous goods awareness. Details of services.
  • World Airline Dispatcher Schools - F.A.A. approved aircraft dispatcher training. Information on 6 week day and 8 week evening classes, location, personnel, accommodation, and the profession.